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We build platforms for you to network and attract clients who are the right fit for your brand.We increase your brands visibility through smart communication and PR concepts, strategic alliances and events. From single events and one-time product placements to comprehensive brand strategies, Flair PR raises your profile.


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Social media marketing

Social Media is no longer a promotional tool that businesses can afford to ignore.  Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest offer huge power for business growth, brand awareness and to connect with and engage your target audience. FLAiR PR helps your brand adapt and keep pace with the changing market dynamics and to meet the increasing need for a cohesive social media presence for wedding and creative brands today.


We work with you to design a custom strategy for creating social conversations, developing quality content to give your audience insight into your brand, and make it is possible to establish connections with people who could in turn become loyal customers.


We take the time to learn and have complete understanding of your business to guide you to create a strategy that is an accurate reflection of brand’s voice to create the most authentic presentation you.


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Ready to discover the keys to creating a THRIVING wedding or creative business? FLAiR PR workshops and seminars are crafted specifically for Wedding Professionals and Creatives ready to ramp up their businesses. Discover how to easily book more couples and clients, earn more money, and build the business of your dreams.


While many wedding professionals and creatives are artists and experts in their line of work, some key elements which are essential to success in business tend to be a tricky territory.


FLAiR PR creates intimate workshops and retreats offering tailored education specific to wedding professionals and creatives. 


Our goal is to help you realize your fullest potential! You will leave our workshops with concrete business practices to implement in order to achieve their goals. Our workshops are designed to be a holistic approach to each and every business and covers a wide range of topics aimed at taking businesses to the next level.


Participants range from businesses who are just launching to businesses who are successful but looking to take their brands to the next level, to established businesses who want to maintain their relevancy in the industry.



Flair PR is a premier wedding and lifestyle events management company that delivers our shows across stunning venues across Ghana. We pride ourselves on creating high-profile events to establish and maintain business contacts and generate new business opportunities for its customers.


Running several trade and consumer events each year, Flair PR brings together participants with its network of promoters. The company goes beyond just trade shows to act as a relationship broker to match the needs of buyers and suppliers.


Be inspired and informed at our shows which encompass our prestigious hotel collection. Be sure not to miss out on our signature events  where you will be able to choose from a variety of leading suppliers.



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Couples are increasingly discerning and educated about the qualities that distinguish the best wedding and creative professionals. 


Whether you are launching a new business, a new product or are simply looking to raise the profile of your already successful brand, FLAiR PR has the experience and knowledge to offer you a tailored strategy that shows full understanding of your brand and key messages and gets you noticed in the right places, by the right people.


We know what works...and what doesn't.


From creating award-winning content and persuasive marketing material through to securing coverage and features in relevant bridal, lifestyle, social media and other online channels, our commitment to creativity ensures your brand is positioned firmly in the spotlight.


Events & Industry connections

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